Bonita Isabella

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When Baby Isabella picked up her Fine Art Heirloom Prints today, her expression was EVERYTHING. Her mom asked her if she saw how beautiful she looked, and her eyes were full of smiles. She immediately recognized herself in the portraits, and her face lit up with delight. Studies show that children's self esteem grows when they see themselves featured on the walls of your home. This is why I do what I do! Custom portraits are the perfect way to celebrate your little ones and make them feel loved

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Baby Nella


& the Apricot Jam

At Brookside Baby, we just love to capture the impish adventures of your little ones, and Nella is no exception. When Mom wasn't looking, she found her way into my jam jar...probably because it's as sweet as she is! What will your baby get up to during their portrait session at the studio???

Nella Chernov-Gitin 3.13.18-2 web.jpg
Nella Chernov-Gitin 3.13.18-8 web.jpg
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Baby Declan

This sweet pea is the youngest of three - all of whom wore a special green knit "pea-pod" as babies - can you spot it in his portraits? It was made with love by their great grandmother, and upon seeing Declan's portrait, Big Sis exclaimed "I wore that, too!" How special is it to add a third little one to the tradition?! As we viewed Declan's images together, Mom noticed how much he's grown and changed in such a short amount of time. I'm so glad I could help her freeze a few moments with him at 10 days old. When he goes off to Kindergarten, or graduates from High School, Mom and Dad can sneak a peak at how tiny and precious he was when he was new. 

Sarah Grace


While Sarah Grace may have an Autumn birthday, she sure is channeling a Midsummer Night's kind of beauty, complete with her delicate leaf crown. She was amazing throughout her session, and even smiled on cue for her loving big brother - I'm sure she can sense how much he loves her! Mom told me Lucas even chose her sweet name months before she was born - he knew her before he ever laid eyes on her - swoon! Love abounds for sure in this family, and they'll be reminded just how much each time they flip through their heirloom album in the years to come. 

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Giving Love this Tuesday...


In honor of Giving Tuesday, Brookside Baby would like to gift a newborn session to a special needs infant. Babies with an in utero diagnosis, early life complications, or a stay in the NICU often miss out on newborn portraits, but these little survivors and their parents need to see their gorgeous faces displayed proudly, too. If this sounds like your family or someone close to you, please get in touch today! Visit the "connect" tab, click "request a consultation" and be sure to mention #givingtuesday in the comments section.


Frankie and his lovable crew spent a couple of hours with me when he was just a week old, and Mom says he's grown and changed so much since then! Luckily, she'll be able to freeze time with these portraits, and always remember how tiny he was when he was new. Stay tuned for more of Frankie in December - he's volunteered to be one of my elves this year - check back to see what mischief he gets into!

Frankie Harris-13 web.jpg
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Riley's got the moves!

While she doesn't stay still for long, we took a little time last week to capture her two year old cuteness...and boy, is it abundant!

Riley Elliott-1 web.jpg
Riley Elliott-24 web.jpg
Riley Elliott-10 web.jpg
Riley Elliott-8 web.jpg
Riley Elliott-9 web.jpg
Riley Elliott-21 web.jpg
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Full of Wonder


"One"-derful Evie! 

From meeting you at your first portrait session in the hospital just after your birth, to seeing you toddle around the other day, watching you grow this year has been so much fun! I think my favorite moment was  the excitement you showed at your portrait reveal when you realized it was you in the picture! Peek-a-boo around the table comes in at a close second, though. Here's to a childhood full of wonder, baby girl.


Lucy Jane

What I love about what I do is the personal connection with each family - I had such a nice morning with Lucy's Mama, who is a fellow admirer of all things coffee. It was great to hear how Lucy has changed since her session and how much her big brother loves her. Take a look at this darling girl and her family filled with...


Terrific Trio


Oh, Brother...

Samson sure is lucky to have two big brothers to show him the ropes! They were so excited to spend some time behind the camera with him. The only thing more evident than their excitement was the love they had for their new little bro!

Samson09112016 - 11.jpg

One Dapper Dude...


Just a quick pic of this stylin' little man. Watch out hipsters, he's coming for you...


Fly, Eagles, Fly!

Give me a "P"...

This little Cheerleader - with her custom tutu - has enough spirit to bring our 'Iggles" all the way to the Playoffs. Three cheers for Baby Peyton, who made her Dad's heart melt with these poses. Whether she chooses Cheer Squad or Quarterback when she grows up, there's no doubt she'll do it with a smile! 

The Best Time of the Year...


Merry & Bright

This mini Santa has to be the jolliest little babe around! He took in the props and camera with such wide eyed wonder. Little ones like him are such a perfect reminder of all that is peaceful and good in the world. I can't wait to spend more time with him at his 6 month session...

Dynamic Duo


Ryder really knows how to go with the flow - he was a dream baby throughout his extended newborn and family session. Big Sister Taryn came equipped with her very own camera to join in the fun, and lent her sparkling eyes to a few images as well! We made sure to include Ryder's special preloved blanket and brand new bunny, both welcome gifts from his sister. This pair is ready to explore the world together, with their smiling eyes and hearts full of joy.