The Original Brookside Baby

hot air balloon kyle web.jpg

Today we're celebrating the 14th anniversary of the start of my very own Brookside baby's wild and precious life. Granted, he's a teenager now - his height is on the way up (taller than me!) and his voice gets lower with each passing year, but I remember that night we first came face to face like it was yesterday. We celebrated the next day with fireworks just outside our window - the hospital threw those in free of charge! Now that he's a young man, I'm so grateful for this visual and tangible reminder of his start as a very tiny human. There is wonder in each stage of a child's growth, but something so very special about the beginning. It's cause for CELEBRATION! I'd love to pass my joy along to you and your new tiny human - any inquiry on July 3rd or 4th that results in a Newborn Session booked will enjoy a complimentary gift created from their custom portraits. Set up a time to visit the studio to learn more about the experience and offerings. Use the code INDEPENDENCEBABY when you inquire. Now, cue those fireworks!