about the artist

As an award winning newborn photographer, Susannah Conner has worked with over a thousand babies within their first few days of life. It is truly her joy to get to know each little one, and to capture just how individually precious they are. She loves to connect with them, and to listen very carefully as they communicate through both body language and vocals. Parents should know that their baby's safety and comfort come before any desired pose - ALWAYS.

Sometime after dinosaurs roamed the earth, but before the advent of the digital camera, Susannah graduated from The University of Delaware with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art Photography. The experience of honing her craft on 35mm film in the dark room, coupled with a detour into a career in social work, make her uniquely qualified for the field of newborn photography.

Welcoming a new little one can be equal parts joy and exhaustion. As a mother herself, Susannah is familiar with the challenges and triumphs that accompany the first few weeks of baby's life. Her goal is to ensure that both you and baby relax and enjoy your session, and that you come away from it with lasting memories to display and cherish for a lifetime.